April Tax – Director / Head Teacher

James Tax – Assistant Director / Head Teacher

Katie Anderson – Teacher

Sarah Ibarra – Teacher


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April Tax – Director / Head Teacher
I have been in the child care industry since 1987.  During that time my husband and I have raised 5 children of our own.  Also during that time I went to night school to earn a degree in Early Childhood Education.  I love working with children.  I worked in the business sector for 4 years.  I did not find it as satisfying as helping a child grow and develop into a strong member of society.  Children have five years of their lives to be a child and truly play.  After that they go through 13+ years of school, get a job and work until they retire and hopefully are healthy enough to enjoy retirement.  This is the only time of a child’s life when they can be a child and play.  Too many children are pushed too hard during this time.  Children between the ages of birth thru five years old truly learn best through play.



James Tax – Assistant Director / Head Teacher
Growing up in a small town in Eastern Washington and on a farm and from a large family, I was blessed with good family values.  We didn’t go to town very much.  We had all we needed on the farm, family, friends, chores and recreational activities.  We were kept busy each day and as we grew we learned many of life’s lessons.

In my early twenty’s I moved to the big city (Seattle area).  I learned more about people, cultures, business and activities that a big city area could provide.

As a man in a woman dominated field I feel I can provide some perspective that all children can gain from.  I am a firm believer that love, knowledge safety, fun and sense of family is important to a child’s growth both emotionally and socially.  By providing a strong male role model, I hope to help them on a daily basis as well as in their future endeavors.



Katie Anderson, Teacher
It was twelve years ago when my sister, Sarah, started working at TLC.  I was always surprised to see how excited she was to go to work every day, and even more shocked to see that she was still happy when she came home in the evening!

I decided that when I was ready to start working, I would apply at TLC.  I started working 2 1/2 hours a day after school, and moved up to full time after graduating from high school.  Now ten years, 1,500 circle time, and 500 movie and popcorn days later, I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else.

Watching these children grow and learn new things everyday is so amazing; it makes me feel lucky to say that I took part in the development of our future doctors, lawyers, and contraction workers (or whatever they choose to be).



Sarah Ibarra, Teacher
I first started working for James and April at TLC when I was 16 years old and now, almost 12 years later, I’m just as motivated and happy to be here.  I love the comfortable family setting here.  Nothing beats walking into work to be greeted by a group of smiling children who are all shouting my name as they surround me with hugs.

I feel that I’m contributing to this world by being here to nurture these children.  I feel like I’ve achieved something by knowing that I’ve helped the children learn and experience things here that will help to mold them into great individuals.


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